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Check it!
Yeah- I got bored one day and decided I'd make some cards.
Feel free to use the templates I've made to create your own magic cards and email them to me!

03/21/06- Added myself to the lineup.
03/18/06- Artittacked! is officially the funnest, coolest, bestest, least expensive deck ever.
03/10/06- Added "Artittacked!' to the Deck Ideas section.
03/08/06- Officially indighted Mantooth as a site agent. The whole world craps itself. Also updated Deck Ideas extensively. Added a site counter and a forum for posting visitor deck ideas. Also added the Lycos search thingy.
03/07/06- Posted some more Bebeop cards in Anime Action!
03/06/06- Added characters and lands from Cowboy Bebop to Anime Action! Added the 'Land' Template.
03/05/06- MTGCustoms launch. Basic Templates Posted. Matrix and Equilibrium cards posted in Movies and the Tube. Samurai Champloo characters posted in Anime Action!


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